1. Applicant training

You’ve sent one application after another, but have only been invited to a couple of interviews. Does this sound familiar? Then it’s time for an expert to examine your application materials. When it comes to job searches, professional qualifications aren’t the only important factor. The methods you use in applying are just as crucial to your success or failure.

I will assist you in creating a personal application strategy. This includes practical tips for designing your application materials and increasing your confidence for the interview and selection process.

    • Detailed analyses of your current application
    • Coaching/Training to ensuring that you make the best possible impression in a short period of time during the interview
    • “Mastering the Assessment Centre” is a training programme which helps participants to understand the theoretical concept behind the AC, introduces the possible process and potential exercises and simulates various situations to familiarise candidates with this selection technique (offered to individuals or in the form of one to two-day group training sessions)


2. Coaching (as a tool for personnel development)

I advise people on important issues regarding current and future career decisions in an open and trusting relationship between the coach (advisor) and coachee (client).

In today’s world, people have a wide variety of options in their professional lives. But which path is the right one? Which course of study/job will best encourage and promote my (possibly hidden) potential? What types of activities correspond to my personality? What talents do I have? What should I do if I’m unhappy in my current job? Or if I’m unable to continue my line of work for a specific reason?

Once a collaborative working relationship has been established between the coach and coachee, individual factors and connections are examined with regard to the relevant systemic interactions. In the actual development process, the coach and coachee work to design specific activities, so-called ‘work orders’, which the coachee is required to complete.

  • Coaching for educational and professional advice as well as career reorientation
  • Coaching for personal changes and/or pursuing opportunities for further development

Oh, the places you'll go

CONGRATULATIONS! Today is your day! You’re off to great places, you’re off and away!

You have brains in your head; you have feet in your shoes! You can steer yourself any direction you choose!

There is fun to be done; there are points to be scored! There are games to be won … you just have to go!

Sometimes you’ll play lonely games too! Games you can’t win, ‘cause you play against you!

But on you will go and face up to your problems whatever they are! You will manage your life in a joyful Balancing Act!

Today is your day and your mountain is waiting! So … get on your way!”

Abstract from Dr. Seuss


What is your dream? What fulfills you? Who do you want to be? What drives you? What is your life purpose? What are you resisting and where do you limit yourself? What holds you back? How far have you come and what else is possible? What impact do you want to have?

Do you have these kind of questions in your mind or are you just longing for ‘MORE’ in your life? Coaching can be a playful and joyful discovery journey to live a life of fulfillment and full potential.

I help my clients to get what they want without doing it for them and without telling them how to do it. As a coach I consider every person as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Everyone has the potential to live up to their best. In my coaching I offer a secure and open space in which a relationship of trust, understanding and growths will occur.

With my understanding of life coaching I focus on the whole person and not only on different aspects of a human being. People are a complex and unique system. To understand that uniqueness and to force change and growths one has to consider all parts of that complex system: mind, body, spirit and emotion! Acknowledging all parts I support people in changes they want to reach and in achieving what they want.

The nature of life is to transform and evolve. My understanding of co-active-coaching is that it is a way of BEING and that coach and client create clients life with her/his own resources.

So… get on your way and contact me for A FREE SAMPLE SESSION!

Heidi Hemmers
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