Personnel selection

One important aim of Human Resources Management (HRM) is to find the ideal fit for each employee and his/her working activities. This goal is especially important for you as a company. After all, your employees play a major role in determining the success and failure of your business. hemmers-human-resources can help you to implement a personnel selection process which is as objective as possible. A combination of various diagnostic methods for determining employee suitability has proven to be the most effective strategy.


  • developing the requirement profile and criteria specific to this company
  • application analysis (depending on the client’s preference, I can also take care of the administrative work)
  • structured interviews with potential candidates (possible are also interview training sessions for clients to give staff members responsible for making decisions about new employees the knowledge and practice they need to conduct effective and structured job interviews
  • personnel survey or biographical inventory, if wanted
  • Performance and personality tests can also be utilised as additional means of determining candidate suitability during the selection process
  • design of assessment centres (AC) which correspond to my clients’ specific requirements (the AC can be used as a simulation tool for examining the suitability of groups as well as individuals (person-focused AC, management audit)
  • summary of the gathered information in the form of a report (in line with the new German Anti-Discrimination Act (AGG) guidelines)