Retreat Center Mallorca

Retreat Center Mallorca

A retreat center with its own specialties

This typical mallorquin country House is located in the middle of the woods on a property of 2800 hectare land. It is a special location, far away from the Tourist Areas, where you are surrounded by pure nature and silence. Groups will find a perfect atmosphere to work on specific topics, gain knowledge and grow their competencies. Up until now the house can give shelter up to 6 participants. In the future groups up until 12-15 persons can easily be lodged. Four bedrooms with bathroom, a kitchen, living room, two big terraces and a wonderful pool area are inviting the guests to relax in their free time. To facilitate trainings there is a fully equipped seminar room (Beamer, Flipchart, Pin Board, Presentation case …). Next door to the seminar room there is another sitting room with kitchen and lounge chairs. This gives the opportunity to also work in small groups. Next to that the Mallorca weather and the Finca site invite to work and gather outside. Due to the special location in the middle of nature the groups have the opportunity to include some Outdoor elements in their schedule. For example classic Outdoor games, meditation walks and so known horseman leadership elements. There are 7 horses living on the Finca, who enjoy working with people and make them grow. They can also be ridden. The owner of the property will help and support you with all topics around the horses. The house can be booked as self-catering or full board. Choose for this special location if you are looking for an event that your training groups, your coworkers, your leadership circle … will never forget. For further information please contact: Heidi Hemmers Mobil: +49 163 793 09 26

Heidi Hemmers
Mobil: +49 163 793 09 26



Open Training ‚Authentic leadership und Communication‘

Everyone is a leader!“ Henry Kimsey-House, CEO CTI (the coaches and training institute)

“Being a leader is not a matter of choice, … your only choice is what kind of leader you will be, … CHOOSE WELL!”

To be a LEADER today seems often to be a special challenge. To give people orientation and direction, to inspire and support them to not loose overview and to strengthen the capacity to deal with day to day challenges is the main duty of successful leaders these days. An authentic leader has the inner qualities to steer him- or herself and others through the stormy see of life.

This is a duty not only in the business environment. A leader is needed in any circumstances of our daily life. Everyone has the responsibility for a spouse, a child, for friends and family members, colleagues and co-workers. Everyone who influences others life’s and is in interaction with someone is a LEADER.

There are loads of fantastic books about leadership and about how to communicate well. Beyond the most important competences to be a good leader can be found inside oneself. The capacities to reflect own behavior, to understand about individual patterns and to know the right handling of them, make others to follow you.

This 2,5 – 3 days training contains different theoretical and practical elements.

  • To get to know and understand oneself
  • Understand social-psychological backgrounds about human behavior
  • Get to know leadership forces and to use them – Convince others through authentic communication

… The groups will be working on these topics guided by theoretical input, group work, individual coaching, self-awareness exercises and interaction with horses. After the training the participants will be able to:

  •  Act more self-confident and handle challenges more serene
  • See a purpose for their life and day to day actions – Set new and inspiring goals and follow them consistently
  • Reflect their own communication (verbal and nonverbal) and gain authenticity in the interaction with others I
  • Solve conflicts in a constructive way – Deepen their own ability to act

… Next to the ‚indoor‘-elements the participants will work with the horses for half a day. What can I do to make others follow me? This question will be addressed with the horses and there will be exercises and deep reflection to answer the question individually.

Background information about the concept of Horseman-Leadership:

To be together and work with horses is for most people very special. The horse mirrors human behavior and gives directly feedback what works and what does not work. Everyone who wants to learn from the feedback of a horse will find impulses and stimulation about how to be authentic and successful in any kind of interaction with other humans.

The exercises quickly show where there are the strengths and also the weaknesses regarding the individual leadership style. If you are able to build trust and security aswell as act in an authentic way you will be successful. This has to be clear, feasible and coordinated. Without ‚joining-up‘ with the horse, there will be no success.

What kind of topics could be seen?

Over the years working with horses and groups we figured out, that points of interests and typical patterns are visible very quickly. It can be about how to get in contact and how to keep contact, build trust, gain and earn respect, overcome own restrains and fears, keep distance and confront, find the right timing, take initiative and create change. What can be seen during the work with the horses easily can be transferred to day to day life.

Security is the most important factor during the time with the horses. Experienced people will take care about you so you can explore yourself under best possible conditions.


Systemic constellation with horses

It is also possible to work systemically with the horses and your own individual question. You will be accompanied and guided by an experienced coach.

Horses look for guidance. Without guidance they wouldn’t survive. Contradictory and unclear behaviour leads to uncertainty in the horse. Authentic behavior is very important for the horse to accept a high hierarchical position of the human being inside the herd.

Often authenticity is blocked by unconscious actions, e.g. unconscious defensive behavior. These lifelong learned coping mechanisms help people to avoid uncomfortable / not desired situations. These mechanisms have been learned through positive and negative experiences. Over time they became automatism and the person experiences them as part of his personality. This subliminal influence of human behavior will be noticed by the horse and be interpreted as danger. The horse will not feel secure and misses trust. Therefor it won’t do what the person wants it to do. On the positive side this will open the door to explore what happens, what works and does not work and so the person learns to let go of old patterns and to see other possibilities to behave.

Due to some pioneers in the field of systemic constellation with horses, typical signals in the interaction horse-human were discovered. Also the systemic laws of constellation-work can be found. We never know what will happen and what will be seen. The only thing we can do as systemic coaches is observe the signals of the horse and tell the person. With this information coach and client can work together to solve underlying dynamics.


Evaluatie des Seminars 04-07 Mai 2015

  • Zeer goed, fijne mensen en mooie plek.
  • Fantastisch!
  • Heel veel dank ook aan Heidi en Mateo. Ik kan niet verwoorden wat zij hebben gedaan en betekend, maar het was enorm en zo belangrijk.
  • Heidi en Mateo hebben er voor gezorgd dat ik me erg welkom voelde. Ze waren altijd aanwezig als je ze nodig had, maar nooit op de voorgrond. Ik heb ze ervaren als warme en vriendelijke persoonlijkheden, vol positieve energie. Het was bijzonder dat Heidi zo openhartig sprak over haar persoonlijke reis en ervaringen. Ik heb dit als inspirerend ervaren.
  • De Finca is prachtig en mooi, weloverwogen opgebouwd en ingedeeld. Met een ruime tuin, zwembad en royaal terras is er altijd een plekje waar je in alle rust op jezelf kunt zijn. Het huis is heerlijk koel en heeft een warme uitstraling en interieur.
  • Het eten was rijkelijk en vol aandacht bereid, gevarieerd en vol van smaak.
  • De paarden op de Finca hebben mijn hart gestolen. Het Menorcaanse ras (sic)Mallorcaanse…:) is stoer en integer tegelijk, vol energie en sensibiliteit. Ze lieten mij verschillende gezichten zien. Die van echte werkpaarden sterk, krachtig en uitgebalanceerd. Die van sierpaarden vol temperament, vuur en flaire. En die van coach, gevoelig, sociaal en betrouwbaar.