How little did I know about this upfront!

Working with Heidi and her horses was an incredible experience. How little did I know about this upfront! I’ve always heard and read that a horse can be your mirror. This is exactly what I experienced during one of the exercises. The horse helped me to experience one of my qualities on a very deep emotional level. On a cognitive level I already knew I had this quality. Through the horse work I was able to really feel it, lean into it and also understand that this quality needs channeling for some people. It really hit me and became clear in a positive way. The holding of Mateo and the deepening with Heidi afterward was powerful. The beautiful Finca and its surrounding made my stay at Mallorca complete.

Tjessica, freelance consultant, The Netherland

Heidi Workshop

Heidi の 馬の Workshop に参加しました。
最大の気づきは、自分が いかに 目の前の現実と一緒にいないっていうことです。
私は 馬と共にやる様々な ワークの中で 野生性の残る 馬と つながるというワークをさせていただきました。最初、私は その馬がきっと求めているものを想像して、それを提供しようと アプローチしてみました。馬はきっと 祝福されたいだろうと。
実際 近寄ってみると 馬は そんなものは求めていないっていうことに 気づきました。結果 つながる は 引き起こりませんでした。
その後Heidi のガイドで 遠くの山々を眺めてみると やっと自分は その場にいられるようになりました。
自分が 今、その瞬間、その場にいると 不思議なことに 今度は 馬の方から 私に近づいてくるではありませんか。それは 驚きであり 喜びでした。

この ワークを通じて自分は 普段 自分の仕事の仲間や クライアントと接するにあたって 自分の期待や 思い込みと一緒にて、いかに 一緒にいないかっていうことに気づきました。
その気づきは、即ち 本当の意味で 仲間やクライアントと一緒に 何かを創り出す可能性です。

素晴らしい体験を ありがとうございます。(^o^)

Kikuo, Business Coach, Japan

The question is: Do you know your own “non-verbal impact?”

Humans and other gregarious animals share an inherent ability for non-verbal communication. So-called mirror neurons in our brain are responsible for this “emotional wifi-connection” between animals. Science shows that that this involuntary communication has a great significance in every day human interactions on top of the overt verbal communication.

The question is: Do you know your own “non-verbal impact?”.  Perhaps one of the most honest ways to start learning more about your non-verbal impact is to participate in guided interactions with horses as lead by Heidi Hemmers and her staff on her Mallorca Finka. You will be challenged and coached to better understand yourself and your non-verbal skills will improve as your level of practice and awareness of your own impact increase. This course is strongly recommended.

Jorgen, Pharma Industry, Denmark

Seinen Knackpunkt finden

Ich hatte schon oft von der Arbeit mit Pferden im Rahmen von Führungskräfte-Entwicklung gehört und gelesen. Aber man muss das wirklich selbst erlebt haben, wie ausgesprochen respektable 500 kg an einer sehr kurzen Leine einem federleicht und willig in alle Richtungen und in wechselnden Geschwindigkeiten folgen – oder, beim ersten Anlauf, eben nicht: weil Pferde spüren, wenn man keine Sicherheit ausstrahlt, zu großen Respekt, um nicht zu sagen Angst, hat, nicht klar ist.

Heidi Hemmers geleitet ausgesprochen souverän durch diesen Prozess: ruhig, vertrauensvoll, sorgsam. Sie bewahrt einen richtigerweise nicht davor, dass es zunächst nicht klappt – und hilft dann aber jedem Teilnehmer, genau an „seinen“ Punkt zu kommen und rauszufinden, was genau „sein“ Knackpunkt ist, diesen anzugehen und Erfolg zu haben. Fantastisch!

Diese Erfahrung habe ich nun in meinen Knochen. Danke dafür!

Reimar, Siemens AG, Deutschland, Bereich Führungskräfteentwicklung

Pure experience

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to attend a Horse Leadership Training with Heidi and Almudena, because It allowed our team to work on different concepts about our impact in creating connection with others, as well as how we build trust with whom we unknown. Both facilitators did an amazing job holding and championing us in a very challanging way and, at the same time, pure experience.

Enric, Leadership & Team Coach, Spain

Working with Heidi with the horses was incredible.

People could see both their issues, and their strengths in their leadership Styles so easily. This was born out of the transparent mirroring the horses gave to them. We could all see things so much clearer both as participants and observers of the process.

But for me it was so much more than that.

Working with the horses helped me to really get in touch with my energy and work with it in ways that I had never done before. With the horses I found I had to exaggerate the subtle energies that I feel inside of me in such a way that I don’t have to in other contexts. This meant I experienced myself and my relationship to others and the present moment in a new and profound way.

Heidi is an incredible facilitator and leader. I have seen her work in other contexts too (without horses). She is a great leader with a very personal style in all contexts but for me it is with the horses that she comes fully into her own even more.

She builds a bridge between the horse and the human participant and the observing participants too, and holds the whole space, with animal, human, audience and the teaching, in such a way that it seems to just flow. She’s a natural.

Working with big powerful animals could be scary for some people. I think that some participants had had no previous contact with horses before and just standing in a space with such a beast could be unnerving but with Heidi’s gift of supporting and guiding without directing, she seems to just let what will be, be.

I was left feeling I wanted more: more experience of my leadership mirrored by the horse, more of the learning that I could feel for myself from that experience, and more observations from Heidi. And most of all I was left wanting more ability to connect with horses in that way again.

I left feeling in love with the power, beauty and magnificence of ’horse’ and in love with myself and my deep earthy womanly power that is within me too.

It was one of those special life experiences that I will never forget.

Veronique, Artist, Psychologist, Coach, Mentor, Great Britain

I have learned a lot about communication process as a leader

When I stayed at the Finca it was a really wondeful time and unforgetable memory. My name is David Han from Korea. I am a business coach and also senior director of BNI Korea which is a global business community.

When I attended horse coaching leadership with Heidi who runs Finca, we tried out different communication with the horses who have a very sensitive personality. I tried to approach one horse but she did not allow me to touch her in the first time. But I tried to talk to her in Korean, I explained I want to be her friend. It took about 20 mins to build up a trustful connection and then Heidi told me that now the horse gives signals she feels comfortable. At last I could touch and communicate.

Heidi and Almudena beautifuly leading as a Co Active coaches. I have learned a lot about communication process as a leader. It was a wonderful experiantial Learning experience.

Add more that the Finca is located in the middle of a forest, so you listen beautiful bird sining and enjoy sun at the pool side.

This Finca was bulit by stone working master Mateo who is talking with stone. So when builded the Finca he used to ask stone where does stone want to lay down. This story deeply touched me.

I am planning to go back to the Finca with Korean coaching customers. I would like to give them a chance to learn Heidi’s Horse Coaching Leadeship.

I strongly recommend the Finca and the courses.

David, Business Coach, Korea

What true leadership can feel like

Working with Heidi and her horses doing the Horseman Leadership work really showed up a very old pattern that gets in my way and can limit me as a Leader. It also gave me the experience of what true leadership can feel like, and the difference between that and how it’s often done – and the impact on a team! She gets right to the hear of the issue, doesn’t let you off the hook – but does it in a very gentle way. Great work – if you want fast insight and an incredible experience do this work.”

Sue, Executive Coach, London

Extremely powerful and effective results each time

Heidi coached me during our course more than 4 times. Even from the beginning she was able to apply the theory and the tools to her personal style of coaching, with extremely powerful and effective results each time. Heidi is bold with her clients, does not hesitate to take them out of the comfort zone, but at the same time making them feel that they are in a safe place. Her attentive listening (between and beyond the words) and observations allow her to find the real topic very soon, and ensuring that she uses the right tools at the right time.

Fragiscos Anevlavis, Schweiz

I started believing in myself

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Heidi and be coached by her to great insight and success. Heidi has the beautiful ability to bring out all your potential with her warm, kind, authenticly loving, and compassionate, yet strong and powerful nature. She holds your true bigger self clearly accessible for you to reach. Thanks to Heidi I started believing in myself and my abilities to do great and be great in this world. I will never forget her loving, encouraging, and acknowledging words, which will stay close to my heart forever. I know that when I loose sight of my own place and purpose in this world she never fails to raise my spirits and help me live EXACTLY the life I want to live, despite hindering circumstance. Thanks to Heidi lifes‘ circumstances become only little obstacles that are easily approachable and taken care of quickly, rather then being overwhelming and big. I learned that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and your dreams! It’s a bonus that you’ve got someone like Heidi believing in you, too. It really gets you places!

Thank you Heidi for all your support and for keeping my dreams alive for me when I loose sight in this crazy world.

Elena Busche, Mount Manganui, Neuseeland

She's brilliantly

Heidi is a powerful force of nature. An incredibly authentic and courageous human being, Heidi has the capacity to cut through the cobwebs and layers that envelop us, and get right into the heart of what really matters; what’s really go on; and what wants to evolve. Her lively and compassionate nature make her an obvious choice as a coach – she’s brilliantly insightful, and dares to walk her talk in service of not only her clients, but also herself. A vital requirement for any coach, and Heidi has that absolutely handled.

A., Luxemburg

Great deal of my hidden inner self

I really enjoyed the Workshop led by Heidi. It helped me to learn a great deal of my hidden inner self, and Heidi provided us with some very fine tools, to go off and search for perhaps one of the most important things in life: our own purpose during our time in this existence.

Heidi has been very, very kind during the Workshop, and she took her time for each one of us, always choosing the right words. But what I liked best, was, that she developed a feeling of trust and comfort, even when I had to take a second look in the mirror that showed me my inner obstacles. I have been very grateful for the opportunity, to spend a day in a very warm and gentle atmosphere, and to learn from Heidi.